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Always vegan, organic and GMO-free!

Why we are so excited about this Body Butter!

When we think about our skin, we’re usually thinking about how we look to other people. We don’t always think about how our skin feels, or how we feel inside our skin, until something doesn’t feel right. Rough patches, lesions, moles that look irregular – these are things that might start us looking into skin ailments and disorders.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It works hard protecting us from toxins and injury, and supporting those things is an important part of being healthy. We can change our habits to live as clean as possible, but we still live in toxic environments that we can’t control.

Many generations of healers and practitioners as far back as memory reaches have known about plant-based remedies for a variety of ailments. And the more you research, you find that there are so, so many! One of our favorites is Graviola, also known as Soursop. It’s properties are amazing!

“Some test-tube and animal studies have even found that it may help with everything from alleviating inflammation to slowing cancer growth. … Another test-tube study measured the antioxidants in soursop extract and showed that it helped prevent damage to cells.” [link] “In similar studies, Graviola (soursop) slowed or stopped tumor growth in both breast cancer and leukemia.” [ibid]

This amazing fruit comes from the Amazon Rain Forest. It is high in antioxidants. Treats infections. Fights cancer. Hunts disease-causing free radicals in the body and destroys them. Which is why we decided that adding it to our body butter would be a beautiful addition to this powerful combination of healing herbs and oils.

When we tested this combination for ourselves, we were amazed at how quickly and completely it healed our skin! Lesions and rough patches disappeared immediately, and the area remained soft for 3-4 days afterward. Those are results worth sharing!

You can find our SkinFood Body Butter in our Etsy shop. We also have a small batch of the same healing herbs and oils in a salve. Both compounds are available in sample sizes here.

In Good Health,

The DeVi Sisters

The Magic of Healing

In April 2018, two sisters reconnected after a lengthy time apart. They talked about their shared passion for connecting with nature and the amazing benefits of working with plant-based medicine for healing of the body, mind and spirit. Together they brewed their first concoction, a concentrated base of several oils and plants, fusing together the beautiful healing properties of those natural and wholesome elements to create a magical new beginning for themselves and those to whom this journey would lead. Their first product was a healing salve for that problematic fungal infection that seems to plague many, and their first customer reported that her toe fungus disappeared after 3 days of applying their salve. She immediately asked if they had any other products.

They knew that this was too good to keep for themselves, and a partnership of creativity was born. Honored to share their own healing and that bit of special magic, from the heart, with a desire for the wellbeing of all…

The DeVi Sisters
Susie and Chris

Always Vegan, Organic and GMO-Free.